• Afterback is a one-man game development project running his own in-house tech and advanced game engine named FLUX.
  • By rolling its own tech and game engine, Afterback is in a unique position to advance the technologies involved in game development by investing in the creation, design and development of tools and to ensure the best use of modern and intuitive development techniques.
  • Afterback strives to represent Algeria in the game development scene and to produce high-quality video games in the near future.
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Afterback started on June 5th 2016 as an ambitious game technology development project, by Billel Adam, an Algerian self-taught programmer and developer. From its inception, the project was focused on developing the technologies behind games such as game engines and game tooling.

The development of the first game engine started in early 2017 after months of research into this vast and quickly changing field. The engine that is now the open source project Deadrop (previously FLUX), was being worked on in the free-time until the end of 2019, were it was decided that it should continue its life as an educational tool.

And as the project progressed, it was deemed that Afterback needs to adopt new technologies, therefore a new engine was designed in mid-2019 to use low-level graphics APIs exclusively and aim for high-performance and a high-quality production pipeline, the engine was named FLUX due to its fast changing codebase (the name was inspired from luminous flux which is the measure of the perceived power of light).

FLUX development started in the beginning of 2020 and is still under development, built on the FLUX [Next-GEN] Architecture that was designed to be lean and extensible, and also to adapt with the technological advancements.


FLUX is a high-performance game engine based on the FLUX|Next-GEN Architecture, aiming for high-quality production and development, FLUX targets modern graphics hardware with it exlusive use of modern low-level graphics APIs such as DirectX 12.

Technical Specification:
  • Language: C++17
  • Graphics: DirectX 12, Vulkan | Full PBR Shading
  • Architecture: FLUX | Next-GEN (2019-2020)
  • Development Start: 2020
  • Target Projects: Medium to Large.
  • License: Proprietary
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Deadrop is an open source game engine that was released to be used as an educational tool and to serve as a reference for new developers interested in game engine development.

Technical Specification:
  • Language: C++
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 | Basic PBR Shading
  • Architecture: FLUX (2017)
  • Development Start: 2017
  • Target Projects: Prototypes, Small.
  • License: Open Source (Zlib)
  • Official Repository